Thursday, August 27, 2009

Car Seat Picture Session

Sleepy Lexi

Maybe I'll give you a smile.....

Maybe not........

Ok.... a little one.. (blurry of course)

Ok Mommy, here's your smile!!!!!

Of course whenever I catch her with the camara smiling, it always comes out blurry!!!!

Mommy and Alexis


Our playgroup

Mommies making foot molds for the babies

Play Time

Alexis and Maggie

Alexis and her friends: Maggie, Kenzleigh and Brookston

My beautiful BIG Girl

Lexi sleeping in her strollor

My Sleeping Beauty

Alexis in her japanese jammies on her 4 month birthday

4 Month old Alexis

Japanese Jammies

Stop taking pictures of me Mommy!!!!

Our Shopping Day

These baby carts are so cool, they are provided at the japanese malls.
Alexis sleeping of course... lol
In her japanese baby cart
Alexis and her first best friend Julie!

Smily Julie


Alexis can sit now with little help!
What a big girl

Alexis and Asia...... who will get the frog??? lol

Lexi Dressed Up